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Hotel Cayo Las Brujas Cuba

The Villa Clara island of Cayo Las Brujas has just a single hotel so, not much choice here! The Cayo Las Brujas Key in Villa Clara Province is simply stunning in all respects and because this hotel is one of the cheapest in the whole Jardines del Rey Archipelago you better book quickly! Click below to see; reviews, photos, latest information and check rates and availability for your Hotel in Cayo Las Brujas.

Looking for a perfect island hideaway? Hotel Villa Las Brujas could well be it! Located on the north coast of Cayo Las Brujas in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Jardines del Rey. The accommodations are nicely spaced individual villas, connected via natural gardens and suspended bridge wooden walkways. Each Cabaña is configured into a two level duplex design offering utmost privacy for guests. With just 24 rooms, this could be considered one of the most exclusive hotels in Cuba, having the whole island of 6.7 km² to itself. The property has been built on a natural coastal cliff overlooking the turquoise waters below. 19 of the 24 rooms guarantee unhindered views of the coastline and sea. Villa Las Brujas is probably the bargain of the century. If your desire is to relax on its virgin beaches and wander around this idyllic island, the Hotel Villa Las Brujas ticks every conceivable box.

Hotel Villa Clara Cayo Las Brujas

As a 3 star property the accommodations are basic but functional, including tea and coffee maker, hairdryer and satellite international TV. However, the basic fixtures are easily forgiven when you consider that your room measures 35 m² (367 ft²). This tiny resort has a 24 hour reception desk and the room rate includes breakfast. There is also a good onsite restaurant if you want to stay close to base one evening. The hotel is also part of a small yacht marina which typically has one or two international seafarers spending time there and can be great for exchanging stories and socializing.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy exploring, there’s ample opportunity to visit the immediate area. Cayo Ensenachos is just 8km away and Cayo Santa Maria only 18km. Both are easily accessible either by shuttle bus or, you can rent scooters and bicycles at the hotel. On Cayo Santa Maria you’ll find the large shopping, entertainment and food courts of Pueblo La Estrella and Pueblo Las Dunas where you can do (and eat) almost anything. From, taking a Spa treatment to 10 pin bowling, these centers are simply amazing considering their remote location.

Overall the Hotel Villa Las Brujas remains quiet due to its exquisite Jardines del Rey location and the fact that it is not sold in most countries, major operators from Canada and Europe preferring to sell the hotels of 4 and 5 star in Cayo Santa Maria or the ultra 5 star of Cayo Ensenachos. This is of course a blessing, because Hotel Villa Las Brujas is exquisite and you can still book it here.

Once you’ve compared the rates, finalizing the booking at the Jardines del Rey Villa Las Brujas Hotel takes just seconds and an immediate confirmation is provided in real-time. But wait! Why not check our other Jardines del Rey Hotels before making your decision?

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